What Does It Cost to Learn Alias Modeling on this Site?

The monthly subscription fee is:

1 month: 167 GBP

1 month Elite course 200 GBP

This monthly subscription entitles you to:
full access to all available tutorials, which include illustrated Tutorials and Streamed Videos. This pool of multimedia tutorials is growing constantly as the site is an active dynamic project.

Also included in the fee is a review of your work every 15 days, so that you are not left to do battle on your own.

Graham Bullock will review your wire for the current project and make sure that at each stage your model is accurate. He will give you feed back and supply curves and meshes to help you to make a model good enough to show off at interview.

Personal Tuition on all modules

When you get stuck during a module,

You only have to wait until your sumission date (every 15 days) and whist you are waiting we recommend that you work on an alternative area of the model or you have the option of one-to-one single modular help from Graham. Each module is priced according to its complexity which is displayed on the navigation panel to the right of the module. In order to facilitate this process you must purchase site credits which is a very simple process easily accessible from your profile page once you have logged in. In our experience students normally succeed in completing their model without haing to buy any extra credits, it is there as an emergency back up should you need it.

Full Personal One-to-One Tuition from Graham
Full tuition means that you can submit your project once a week.
Your .wire must be precisely annotated and have a .txt embedded. Graham will then review your work and return it to you, with comments, solutions, meshes where required, tips and advice.

The Cost of Full Personal Tuition is: 200 GBP per month/ approx. 294 USD.(13/03/2015). This includes access to all tutorial videos, including 100+ Private Student Videos

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