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Graham Bullock B.Ed. (CNAA) Des.Tech.

Art School

Graphic Design/illustration Studio

Apprenticeship in Clay Modeling, Ford UK. Dunton

Boat Design/ Modeling

Contract Clay Modeling

Contract Alias Studio Modeler


Graham Bullock with the Audi A6 original sketches. Satoshi Wada designer of the Audi A6, presented his original sketches to Graham, in appreciation of his dedicated modeling input into the 2005 Audi A6 project, which was undertaken in-house at Audi AG Ingolstadt, near Munich, Germany. It was this car which launched Satoshi on his path to the very pinnacle of automotive design. He went on to design the A5 and Q7 and today, is considered the world's foremost automotive designer.

In Detail.

I was educated at Southend College of Art, in England, where I studied Drawing, Graphics and Sculpture, winning commissions in both; Poster Design and Sculpting

Following Art School, I worked as a Graphic Designer/Illustrator for 2 years, before gaining an apprenticeship in Clay modeling at the age of 20, amongst 100ís of candidates


I started my career with Ford Motor Co. UK. at Dunton ,Essex when I was 20 years old. I was fully trained in Clay Modeling and worked both in the UK and in Koln, Germany, where I was part of a six-man team who modeled the very first Fiesta, which we presented to Henry Ford ll. in the Continental Hotel. We had to tilt the multi-million pound model at 45% in order to get it through the doorway to the Conference Room.


When I left Ford, I became a Boat Designer Modeler working on the development of a 60í Sloop the ìSailarî and the ìCleopatraî range of offshore Power Cruisers. I was responsible for the surfacing of hulls up to 60í in length. I was able to bring Automotive Clay Modeling techniques to the Glass Fiber Boat Building Industry. The irony being that NURBS modeling was actually inspired by Wooden Boat Building techniques. Whilst at East Anglia Moldings I traveled all over Europe, studying languages at the same time. I was head hunted by Hunter Racing Yachts (formerly Hunter Boats UK. now British Hunter). Hunters had the best quality surfaces to be found in the industry. They had discovered that buyers are attracted to high quality surfaces.

I left boat building to study at University of Middlesex UK for a degree in Design and Technology, where I was spotted and offered a job in Petro-Chemical Piping Design. I stayed in this job with Stone and Webster Engíg in London for a year, but was bored by the work, so I moved and based myself in Andalusia , Spain and worked as a contract clay modeler traveling around Europe.


I have worked directly on a one-to-one basis with Satoshi Wada clay modeling the 1:4 first year of the Audi A6 project 1999. Also I worked on the Citroen Berlingo along with Sam Brown directly for Gilles Vidal, who is now Head of Design at Peugeot. I also took instruction directly from Jean-Pierre Plué now head of Design for the Citroen Peugeot.


Gilles Vidal. Head of Design Peugeot, Paris, France


I worked in a 2 man team in a split shift System to build the Lamborghini Murcielargo 2003 mod.1:5 wind tunnel model directly for Jurgen Undelhoven at Udelhoven Design Studio GmbH, Gaimersheim, Germany.


I was taught the first steps in Automotive Alias by one of the Worldís best designers, namely, Satoshi Wada, Designer of: Avantissimo Concept, Pikes Peak Quattro Concept, the series production C6-generation A6, the Q7 and the A5/S5 coupe.


Satoshi Wada the man who changed the face of Audi Design. Now head of SWDesign Tokyio

I started Studying Alias Studio in 2001 and within 2 years was modeling Conceptual work and another year later learned to fast prototype components. A lot of carbon fiber racing components are made in Spain due to the conducive climate, so I have done a lot of work for racing and rally vehicles, including Paris-Dhaka Cars.

I have a lot of experience in Alias Studio Concept and Surfacing, Scale Modeling and NURBS from MESH, which I love to pass-on to highly motivated and enthusiastic young people.

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