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by Graham Bullock B.Ed. Design and Tech

Customer Feedback:

Hi Graham,

I just want to thank you for all the tuition and support you have given me and it has led me to a job which I am incredibly
happy in! I have recently been to China to view our latest wheel-loader, which I had a small part in. I am currently working
on several different vehicles from 70 tonne excavators to cranes, which will hopefully be completed end of next year,
20 projects in total !!! I am very fortunate to have joined a company who have recently decided to invest heavily in industrial
design and are completely transforming their entire product range, which I will have a large part in. Currently there are only
two modelers here, myself and another contractor and we work on each product, from concept through to a class surfacing,
in a studio which is very relaxed and full of talent! My boss (Gary M.) has been head of JCB for the last 14 years and
moved to Liugong 3 years ago. I also work with a guy called Rich K. who was the lead designer at Bentley and is credited
with the design of the Bentley GT continental. We are currently looking to expand the team and I cannot express how
perfectly suited this studio is for a younger entry level modeler who is looking to expand their skills and get very hands on
very quickly. The position would be permanent but with lots of opportunities. If you have any guys based in the UK, who
would suit a roll like this feel free to pass on my details.

I am still keeping up with my automotive work I have attached a screen grab of my latest concept I am working on
(very early stages). Again a massive thank you for everything and it seems strange to think where I am now compared with
this time last year. I have just bought a new house and my boss informed me I am getting a pay rise as he is very happy
with my work, so I will now be earning quite a bit more than I would have been on at Ferrari, it will soften the blow a little of having to leave my contract there due to personal reasons. I will definitely keep in touch.

Many Thanks

Jorge Gomez (UK )


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