Alias is an essential tool for automotive design, without it, the car industry as we know it wouldn't be possible.
I decided to study alias, but it was very hard to find a place to learn it (in my country there are not pro alias courses).

Then I found learning Alias Academy by Graham Bullock and taking the elite course was the best choice I could have taken, a life changer, you really learn, you really become a good modeler.

Graham Bullock is a master of all aspects of Alias, but most importantly, he knows how to teach them.

He takes you step by step through learning alias, sharing his tremendous knowledge both of Alias and the automotive industry, teaching how studios operate, technologies and so on.

Also, I received help whenever I was stuck, that helped me a lot to understand what I was doing wrong and accelerated my proficiency in the software.

The course is very well designed, you study many cases that you'll face in the real industry, as well as a lot of practice in reverse engineering to become a complete modeller.

Recently I was hired by an OEM design studio in the US as a Digital Surface Modeler and I can say that every penny spent in this course was worth it. It is true, you get an automotive design job after taking this course! so just jump in with both feet.

Kin Moreno Franco.

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