Gallery Benzy( Mohammad Hussein) I am just starting my Alias journey

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Gallery Benzy (Mohammad Hussein) Alias Newbie

Note: the image in the header is not mine, but i do love the Mercedes Benz (W140) S class with the M120 V12 Engine

Hello Everyone

I would like to share my story with you guys!

Since i was 16 i was in love with cars, wanted to design them, but i had no one to point me to the right direction, until i grew up ending in a 2D Carrier.

I work now as a Senior CAD Technician in an American Consultant Company in U.A.E. using Autodesk AutoCAD, having 5 years Experience!

So still the passion of designing cars follows me, i learned 3DS MAX a good program, but didn't find a professional to put me on the way related to Automotive world!

One day i heard about Alias on Autodesk website, couldn't believe i would find a software professionally for Automotive, so i got the 30 days trial, and i was totally lost.

Did the search on google, and found http://www.learningalias.co.uk ! i contacted Graham Bullock and he was the kindest teacher ever, so patient with me, generous and understanding of my lack of Alias exp..

He knew that i didn't study at any Art college, or any industrial design college! but he believed in me, because i had a background about 3D and of my passion, so i started with first subscribing to his website, and he pointed me to (Autodesk tutorials) as i didn't know anything about Alias.

Then after sometime i realized i need him more than ever, so i knew he had the Private Student option, which is really like working and learning with Graham :)

After that, i realized that i am improving, but i still need alot work hard, due to my Daytime job it's hard to find time to practice, but he was so patient till now:)

And know i am taking it serious, and soon i will post images of higher class work, but the following is just messing around, but it's really the best software i have ever worked with.

As far as my career objectives are concerned Graham assures me that with 12-18 months really hard work, I can make it to Entry Level. I know that he regularly places his students in top companies, so I am very optimistic about making the giant leap from boring old 2D to mind blowing 3D


So i would recommend this website to whoever love cars, no matter what you know, and you will feel the difference, it's totally a new world:)

Regarding the cost of Private Training: I have an arrangement with Graham whereby I pay an affordable sum each month and the balance i can pay over time, once in a well paid Automotive job.

The Following is a small description in Arabic for Arabic surfers :)

بعد حمد الله تعالى
أرشح لكم إخوانى هذا الموقع لعشاق التصميم السيارات على أيدى متخصصين
الأستاذ جرام بولك متخصص فى التصميم والشرح
فلا تفوتوا هذه الفرصة

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