A5 CAR Exterior COMPLETE Audi A5 Sportback Tutorial Autodesk Alias

by Graham Bullock B.Ed. Design and Tech

Audi A5 Project - INTRODUCTION

Here is a presentation of the Audi A5 Sportback Modeled in Alias by a former learningalias student Manohar Mahale, now working as a Design Sculptor for G.M. Inc.

[Click here for Video Alias Audi A5 Display Model]

This is our current tutorial project. The student has been learning how to model the Grille Surround and the air intake, which has an integrated spot light

This is a WIP .
The student has completed the Phase 1 model of 3 and has begun to tackle some of the intricate surface detail of Satoshi Wada's extremely demanding design

The side glass moulding was not a success for him,
so he is going to remake it . Moulding are really tricky to make when you’re learning Alias, but once you learn how to use construction planes to give you the true view of your section curves, life starts to get a lot easier.


The Secret of mastering Alias, is to have a teacher, so that you don’t waste time being STUCK
and to practise and practise. If you only ever build something once, you learn very little.

This model still has a long way to go,
but the student is well on his way to having a beautiful model to show at interview. He was recently offered an Alias contract, but wisely IMHO. Has decided to complete the Audi project first, by which time he will be much better prepared to take on the challenge of working as an Alias Automotive Modeller.

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