by Graham Bullock B.Ed. Design and Tech



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Alias is the top software used in Transportation design studios. It currently costs
$2,300 per month to rent for commercial use. That is because it gives the best quality
surfaces. As soon as you enrolled , you will get the software FREE for 3 YEARS.

Elite Full Pro course
What is the ELITE Alias Modelling Course
This course is for 1 special class of max 20 students worldwide, who are passionate not just to study Alias , but who are absolutely determined to become Alias pro modellers in the near future.
Why the Elite course? What do I get for the extra cost?

Students is this small talented group go on to work for the world's top OEM's. Elite students are working at Ferrari, Maserati, Pininfarina, Audi, Scania, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lotus, Ford etc.
On this course you get a lot more of my time. I support you when you are stuck, or need to know more about how to set up the parameters of Alias tools. I send you mesh data to help you model difficult areas of the vehicle. I tech you how to prepare a CV and Portfolio that will be noticed and taken very seriously by design studios (You must have a stand out CV and portfolio to get a job)
This is an in depth course and covers everything you need to know to start working in an automotive design studio:
-How to use all the tools used by pro modellers to build vehicle exteriors.
-How to set up the parameters of all the main tools
-How to model: CAS, A-Class, Reverse Engineering.
I also teach you a lot about the design process and exactly what it's like to work in a top automotive design studio, so when you get to walk into one, you will feel immediately at home, understand how a big studio works and how it collaborates with the many Engineering departments.

Digital Sculpting
You will learn how to model surfaces manually (Direct Modelling). You will learn
how to become a Virtual Sculptor.

Once a student has completed 6 to 12 months of study on the Elite course he/she may elect to sit an exam at a cost of 199 GBP (+courier charges). This exam is based on exams that are used by OEM's when you are interviewed for an Alias modelling seat. Upon passing the student will become a Graduate of the LearningAlias Academy and be awarded a diploma certificate. Also Graduates are allowed to put my personal mobile number on their CV's, so that interviewers can call me and ask for a recommendation from me. Graduate can also use my personal email on their CV.
Who can study this course? Any modeller who is totally passionate about LearningAlias may also follow the course , including Newbies Almost all students find Alias jobs. Course Content: Newbies start here: *(User Interface introduction *Overview of the tools *Setting up & customising the user interface. Building a simple exterior. This newbies intro course is free. You must pay your first months fee which will be held as a deposit until you have completed the newbies course and then your real Alias course will start. Your 12 weeks subscription will start at this point.You will be able to access student trial software, which will be licenced to you for free for 3 years.)
This is the type of difficult car, which interview panels love to see presented. Your portfolio will be head and shoulders above students who have not completed my Pro. level course. Learning: Is achieved by following step by step video tutorials made by myself Graham Bullock professional Alias contract modeller with a lifetimes experience in Clay and Alias Modelling for companies including: Ford UK, Ford Germany, Citroen, Peugeot, Lamborghini, Audi etc. Some of the videos are created by other top Alias contract modellers from around the world.

NB: You will be taught Alias to a professional level and if you complete the course, you will have a portfolio and the skills to land an alias job.
Where can I see preview examples of the LearningAlias video tutorials: www.LearningAlias.com/
Please click here to watch sample video tutorial
The course concludes with CAS modelling, which is in great demand by design studios right now.
You will be sent the start up learning Materials within 48 hours. You will qualify for Autodesk Alias AutoStudio student 3 year free trial software.
To start this course now, just pay your first months subscription. Here's how:
>Register>Login>Your Profile (top right of web page) Subscribe>Drop down, Chose 105 GBP per month.
A soon as I see the automatically generated email in my inbox, I will send yo the learning materials and turn on your access to the first batch of my unique step-by-step tutorial videos.
If you have any questions on want to start with the Newbies tutorials, please drop me an email :

Please drop me an email to tell me you are ready to start the Reverse Engineering module:
email me, just click on the orange box (top right). To subscribe:
-Register-Login-My Profile (top right) - subscriptions-chose-
105 GBP -in the drop down. You can pay with CC or Paypal. This is a one-off payment.

177 GBP105 GBP per month

1100 Hours of Content

80 Chapters

200 Video tutorials and
sets of mesh data

6 Assignments (min )
1 Exam with certification (optional 199 GBP)

199GBP (Optional)

Anytime Anywhere Access

Join Course for 105GBP per mth

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