Gallery Harisur Rahman

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Gallery Harisur Rahman

Hi, welcome to my gallery

I am studying transport and product design and would like to become a Class-A Alias modeller. I am also quite new to Alias so I don't have much to show just yet, however I am progressing to a good standard and I feel this is down to the great tutorials I have seen by Graham and site members. Some excellent stuff and interesting to see how others work.

This is my clay and fibre glass shell model. The foam wheel is from an early Alias model I made using basic revolving of curves around the X axis, skins for the spoke which intersect the hub and rim, then surface fillet tool and then duplicate tool around X axis for the complete shape. This was heavy on spans and not to Class-A. It was converted to mesh and put into a program called Spider for machine milling. I am aiming to build a new wheel according to the learning alias website soon.


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