Lecture Series by David Torres-Prats MA. Alias Modeler

by Graham Bullock B.Ed. Design and Tech

Capacity for Handling Frustration in the Design Process part 1

As a transport and product designer, my role nowadays in the Audi Konzept design studio is to support and help the concept design team, as a member of the CAD modeling department within the studio. This means that we form work-teams including a designer-Alias modeler for each project. Sometimes depending on the project there can be more than one modeler/designer working on the project. The projects I have been involved in start from the very initial point of the design of the vehicle concept (first volumes, proportions and concept) to more restrictive projects, such as production models or show cars with Strak parts.

I have been thinking for a long time about writing this, what to say and the way to approach it.
In colleges we can learn the theory and tools for the work we will try to do in the near future. In this case, Alias modeling. This is important, of course, in fact is vital, the more you know the tools the more you can concentrate on many other aspects that are also very important to achieve the success and excellence demanded in a studio work environment !

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