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Alias is the top software used in Transportation design studios. It currently costs
$2,300 per month to rent for commercial use. That is because it gives the best quality
surfaces. As soon as you enrolled , you will get the software FREE for 3 YEARS.

Reverse Engineering. Course Description.
Practically all Alias Design studios, require you to work from .STL mesh data. You will need to know how to create A_Class Nurbs surfaces from a mesh that has been scanned from a clay model.
Pictured TOP .STL Raw Mesh data scanned from a clay model. Nurbs A_Class surfaces with pro level highlights ready for your portfolio.


Free student software. We have beginner's videos if needed. All videos are Step-by-Step and easy to follow. A_Class standards ready for portfolio. Work review each 4 weeks.
You will learn:
-How to build surfaces to within 1.0 mm mesh tolerance (max gap between your srfs and the mesh data.).
-How to eventually work even closer to the mesh to capture the exact character of the original design intent. For this you will be shown how to achieve a tol of <0.3 mm. This is full pro level.
Digital Sculpting
You will learn how to model surfaces manually (Direct Modelling). You will learn
how to become a Virtual Sculptor.

- How to create acceleration of crvtr at critical srf boundaries to allow blends and transitions to build within mesh tols. (acceleration at the edge of the srf creates a tangent angle and this must be correct, as it controls blend xsec built by the systems Free Form blend tool etc).

- How to use the Deviation Map tool to accurately measure the proximity of your srfs from the mesh data.
- Later in the course you will learn how to evaluate even more accurately , using the Zebra Shader set to transparency. (This is a top pro methodology.)
-How to build small blends to G2 crvtr continuity.
- Patch Layout. (you will receive pro srfs to refer to when setting the parameterization and patch-layout of the srfs you build.)

Once you have completed the first model, you will use the skills you have acquired to build the second model:

Drive Design Bugatti Concept (Complete exterior)
These 2 models will be ready to show in your portfolio and in terms of skill, complexity and difficulty, they will be way ahead of the models that other candidates will have in their portfolios. These are the type of models that Interview panels will be really impressed by.

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