NURBS Curves - Creating and Controlling NURBS Curves

by Graham Bullock B.Ed. Design and Tech

Precise Curve Cutvature Continuity

Precise Curve Cutvature Continuity. How to:

Objectives include how to:

Align 2 or more crvs. accurately, using Crv. Crvtr. Comb. How to use "Enable Comb Cut-off"

Planarize crv. set using usser defined CP.

Attain crvtr. dev. and tangent dev. of <0.001mm

Use Evaluate>Curve Curvtr. Continuity.


To Become a Pro. Alias Modeler you must be good at pulling CV's. Mostly we can use the Align tool, but there are many situations where direct modeling is required. This exercisize will teach you how to evaluate Crvtr. Continuity within tols. o.oo1mm.

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