Headlamp Lens A5 by Automotive Lighting Pro. Modeler. Karrick

by Graham Bullock B.Ed. Design and Tech

Headlamp Lens A5

There is a 15 min. video explaining this workflow

This video brought to us by Karrick (Alias Pro. Automotive Lighting Des/Modeler) shows how a specialist goes about creating the headlamp lens for the Audi A5


Hi, I am Karrick. I am working for the largest manufacturer of Automotive lighting in the world. I am also studying Advaced Surfacing with Graham Bullock, as a Private student. My goal is to move up from Alias Detailing to Exterior Surfacing. I have set my self 2 years to reach the required entry level (I am half way thru.). I am learning a lot with Graham as my teacher and by the time I am ready for an Auto-Exterior Surfacing job, I will have some fantastic models in my PF. These will include the A5 and the Virrage conceot car. The latter being designed by Graham. These main pieces will be supported by details of complex blends, like A pillars, C Pillars and intricate front end details.

I have already been offered interviews, since starting my course with Graham, but I have decided not to present myself until I have all the necessary skills. I will be very happy to become a concept modeler, but my long term goal, is to reach Class A standard after 5-7 years experience

For me Alias modeling, is the most interesting job in the world and I know that by the time I am 28-30, I will have a great standard of living and be able to work around the world

I hope that you enjoy my Headlamp tutorial (if you find the speed I model at, difficult to follow, don't worry, as I am currently working on tutorials to show how I use Hot Keys and Mouse options MMM)



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