Gallery Kevin De Smet (Volvo)

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Gallery Kevin De Smet (Volvo)

"My name is Kevin De Smet . Currently contracting at Volo and I've always been interested in 3d modeling, my background is in video game level design"

..which is quite different but I just follow my heart on what I want to learn and do, and get involved with. Why Alias has captured my interest, is that it is a tool that allows you to get to very high levels of quality. The next thing to ask could be, define "quality"? I don't know. It's a certain fairness, a rightness... it must be nice.

I also work with solid modeling tools like CATIA, which are good, but serve their own purpose. If all you have is a hammer the world looks like a bunch of nails, and guess what, the world's not a bunch of nails.


I have joined Learning Alias because I find this to be a motivator for me. I can practice on examples files, follow along with the tutorials on the site and that way I learn by doing and by watching. Double your pleasure!

Curvaturely yours,
Kevin De Smet


"Who fancies a 'bout of Fawlty Towers for the deathmatch epic Counter Strike? don't mention the war, it's not a war, it's a battle."


Watch a showcase of me taking a mesh tasked to me to reverse engineer into a surface model.xTITLEx


Welcome to the tutorial section of my gallery, this is the place I will be uploading tutorials of my own on a regular basis. I will talk about topics that have stumped me on my Alias journey and might be of value to other users who are on the same path.

Watch my tutorials


Here are bullet point tips, tricks and techniques I have gathered or experienced myself and I hope it can be of help to both Alias and Catia surface modelers.

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FUN FUN, THINK ABOUT FUN (you know what it is)


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